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Tadalafil human psychology is determined by human genetics, the structure and pattern of his body, “from above” - the social environment in which a person socializes, from where he takes patterns of behavior that somehow builds and educates him.

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Human psychology is also the internal causes of human behavior, making it beyond logic, expediency, or reasonable social expectations.

It is not raised by people with a business approach. For people who love to talk about psychology, there is always a reason for this. And when something does not fit into the rational, when states, feelings and other unpredictable internal features begin to influence a person's behavior, a conversation begins about psychology - human psychology.

When a person's behavior is rational and expedient, fits into the social framework and logic, the question of psychology is not raised. I mapped out things to do, but I don’t want to do it; It was necessary to remain silent - no, he said. I wanted to say it mildly, but emotions overwhelmed.

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I went to the pharmacy and went into the store. Little money, but could not resist, bought an expensive bag. I forgot to call - I can't calm down, I keep scolding myself. I need to go to the dentist, not go, pull rubber.

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All this is not rational, not expedient, nobody needs it, but it happens. It is internal and psychological.

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Human psychology can be studied scientifically (this is what psychology is doing as a science), or it can be described mystically, esoterically, or simply everyday: then we get mystical, religious, everyday psychology.

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For a large number of people, "psychology" is a favorite pastime.


Such people who are keen on psychology are looking for psychological content and psychological background where there is no "psychology" at the level of common sense.

"Sometimes a banana is just a banana" - as Sigmund Freud explained to his little daughter.

If you have a toothache, most likely it is caries, not psychosomatics, and you should see a doctor, not a psychotherapist. If your relationship with men is not going well, then you need to correct your head, learn to understand people and learn to build relationships, and not look for solutions in a difficult childhood and family history. If "human psychology" for you is about "learning", it will help you in your life.

  • If "human psychology" for you is about "understanding", "dealing with the reasons" and only explains to you the reasons for your problems, it makes you not psychologically literate, but sick psychology.
  • Do not blame psychology for what you should be responsible for yourself.
  • People who are keen on psychology are looking for a psychological solution to issues where a business person will solve an issue in an ordinary way, simply.

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Human psychology is a science that studies people, their behavior, thinking, the reasons for actions. Knowing the motives according to which the individual acts in a given situation, you can achieve the desired, for example, a positive resolution of your issue or simply improve relations with tadalafil.